With the temporary pausing of live sport matches, avid sports betting enthusiasts have turned to the digital world for entertainment and online gambling opportunities. Electronic sports, better known as eSports, is one area where bettors can apply their skills and make a decent profit by betting on the right markets. If you have been considering converting to eSports betting, start here as we look at the easiest and the most popular eSports bets to place online.

Match Winner

Whether you are betting on a First Person Shooter (FPS) game, a Real Time Strategy (RTS), or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, every eSports match will have a winner and a loser. The match can either bet a single player match or a team match. In either case, the easiest bet to place is the Match Winner bet. In this instance, all you need to do is predict the player or team to win. As with traditional sports betting, the odds posted by the bookmakers reflect the skill and win history of the teams or players.

First Blood

First blood is a popular bet with first person shooter games like CS:GO and Call of Duty. When you place a first blood bet, you are predicting which team will execute the first kill in the game. As with the match winner bet, you can either bet on team A or team B. With single-player matches, you place a bet on the player himself or herself.

Map Winner

With eSports, many games such as MOBA’s are played over a series of rounds called “maps”.  The match winner is usually determined by winning the best out of 3 or best out of 5 maps. Instead of simply predicting the match winner, bookmakers also allow for the option of predicting the winner of a specific map in the game. This is a bit like betting on a round in boxing or a set in tennis at https://ausbet.net.au/mobile. This requires a little more knowledge as each map is different with some teams preferring the layout of some maps to others.

Odd/Even Kills

Another great bet to place on an eSports match is an odd/even kill bet. While it might sound complicated, this simply refers to the total number of kills in the game. For obvious reasons, this bet is more popular with first-person shooters. Here, you are simply predicting whether the total number of kills will be an odd number such as 35 or an even number such as 40.

Group Winner

Many eSports games are played as part of a tournament or league competition. In such cases, teams are initially put into groups for the opening rounds before moving on to the knockout phase. One of the easiest bets to place on an esports tournament is the Group Winner bet. Here you are simply predicting which team will win their group stage and move on to the knockouts.

Outright Winner

As with the group winner bet, Outright Winner is a tournament bet and can be placed at any time during a competition or tournament. With this bet, you are predicting which team or individual player will win the tournament outright.