South Africa has a thriving online casino community and there are a number of top rated sites that all vie for your attention on a daily basis. One of the most enticing marketing strategies employed by online casinos is their bonuses, and these rewards are designed to reel players in and keep them coming back for more. As these rewards have proved to be so popular there are now a great many different types of bonuses up for grabs online, and by understanding what they each have to offer you can benefit enormously.

Welcome Bonuses

A welcome bonus is one that is awarded to players that have signed up, and it’s often the most generous reward you’ll receive. Welcome bonuses come in the form of match bonuses, percentage bonuses and no deposit bonuses and not all of them require you to make any financial commitment to a site before claiming them. Designed to entice you, welcome bonuses are usually well advertised and easy to claim.

No Deposit Bonus

One of the most popular online casino bonus rewards is the no deposit bonus. This bonus rewards a player who has signed up with a free sum of real money that they can then use on games of their choice or ones that are stipulated by the casino. You are able to win real money with your no deposit bonus and if you meet the terms and conditions cashing out become a reality.

Deposit Match Bonus

This deposit match bonus is very popular as the casino will match your deposit amount up to 100%, for example, you can check the best online casino bonuses for South African players. In certain cases the percentage may climb even higher and your bankroll will receive a significant boost. Usually advertised in a manner such as 100% match bonus up to CAD100, this means that your deposit will be matched dollar for dollar up the limit amount. If you deposit CAD100 you’ll thus receive another CAD100 from the casino as your reward.

Percentage Deposit Bonus

Whilst not as rewarding as the match bonus, a percentage bonus is still a good one to look out for, as it still boosts your bankroll and will increase your chances of a big win by extending playing time and allowing you to place larger wagers. A casino will offer a certain percentage, such as 50% when you deposit CAD100, so you’ll end up with CAD150 courtesy of the casino’s generosity.

High Roller Bonuses

If you are a high roller, these offers are fantastic and can increase your chances of a huge win quite dramatically. High roller bonuses are usually percentage bonuses and players must meet the minimum deposit amount in order to be eligible for these rewards.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are designed to keep you coming back for more and to stick with one casino. VIP clubs, point’s programmes and other loyalty systems are offered by many South African casinos and by conducting a little bit of research you can quickly find out which sites offer the best rewards to regular players.

Refer-a-friend, cashback, payment method, mobile exclusive and other bonuses are also commonly found online and its up to you to make the most of what’s on offer at your fingertips.