Everyone knows the game of poker. It is portrayed in movies regularly, depicted as a tense game of skill, played by super spies and mathematical geniuses alike. Next in line, based on popularity, is blackjack. Also a movie favourite, but faster paced, and there is hardly an Australian alive who does not know the rules. There are other games, such as lottery and wheel of fortune, that although considered to be no skills, are also highly popular. There is, as they say, something for everyone where casino games are concerned.

Online Versions

Today, with the power of lightening fast internet and mind bogglingly powerful handheld devices, every game that can be played at a real casino, can be played at home. Both free and real money versions are offered, and, with each passing day more logon and participate. There is no denying the convenience, and even those who have never gambled a day in their life are giving it a try.

How do you get involved? Simple; download the application, create an account, and you can be playing in seconds. Online casinos are also very generous, far more so then real casinos, and many websites offer enormous bonuses simply to sign up. Of course, you will never get the electric atmosphere of a casino at home, which may be a put off for some.

Surf the Options

With thousands of casino games to choose from, now all so easily accessible, which game should a novice try first? As already said, there are many no skills games, based entirely on luck. But not everyone enjoys winning or losing based entirely on chance. There are, thankfully, games that everyone can quickly get into, even if trying for the first time. Roulette, for example, is as straightforward as casino games get.

Simply guess which pocket the ball will land in. If you guess right, you win. Not keen on the odds? Guess if the pocket will be red or black. Blackjack, or twenty ones, is equally as easy to grasp. Simply call for cards and get your total as close to twenty one as possible. Ultimately, all it takes is a bit of experimenting, and there is almost certainly a game that will take your fancy.

Advanced Skills Games

Casino games may generally be geared simplicity, but there are professional gambling games that are for the experienced only. Mahjong, for example, is notoriously difficult to understand, but a firm favourite of experienced gamblers purely for that reason. It is not for causal gamblers, but for those who think of gambling as a profession. It has a highly competitive fan base, and some of the tournaments are known to be incredibly tense affairs. Should you think you have what it takes to learn and play the game, it is available at many online casinos. Don’t forget that reputable online casinos have a customer support centre to answer questions you may have, and detailed tutorials that help newcomers learn the basics of offered games.