Slot machine games have become so popular over the last couple of decades that they have even evolved from physical mechanical devices found on casino floors the world over, to virtual computer games accessed via the Internet.

Software developers have dedicated themselves to coming up with new and exciting titles all the time, as well as recreating old favourites into virtual online slot games. With this new burst in popularity have come free slots. Free slots are the same slot games but played for free money, so all of thrill with none of the risk.

These games are available to players the world over, so long as they have a suitable Internet connections. They can even now be played on mobile devices such as smart phones tablets and even smart watches. The free spins part of free slots with free spins is an added bonus feature that is now showing up with more and more free slots online. In this feature a player gets to spin the reels for free, without using any of their coins. The reels are set at maximum bet, which allows a greater chance for hitting a jackpot.

Free Spins Feature

The free spins feature is usually found in the more complex five reel video slots. Some three-reel slots may offer it too, but it is much rarer and will most likely not have all the extras that the five reel video slots offer.  Three reel slots tend to be more traditional, with only one symbol as a jackpot symbol and no extras like free spins or bonus rounds. Although free slots are not played for real money, the free spins feature is still a major draw card as it adds to the excitement. Even with free money you can still run out of coins, and the free spins feature will prolong your game and give you a higher chance of hitting a jackpot. This feature is usually triggered by finding three or more Scatter symbols somewhere on the reels.

A scatter symbol is a special symbol that does not usually have a value. These symbols are mostly only used to trigger bonus rounds and free spins. In five reel video slots these do not have to run from left to right, and can in fact go right to left or even diagonally. Once an online NRL betting punter has found the scatter symbols, they will be able to spin the reels a number of times at maximum bet without using any of their coins. The winnings from these free spins are added to your total and stays with you for the rest of your game.

Free Spins Perks

Some free spins rounds even have added extras to them. Some are a story within the storyline of the slot game and offers an extra little game. Other perks like double wilds, or even a whole wilds reel can even appear in some games giving a player much bigger wins than in classic game play. The number of games you get for free differs greatly from each free slots with free spins, with some offering as many as a hundred.