Professional golf tours under the aegis of the International Golf Federation now take tournaments to every corner of the world, accompanied by TV and live online coverage. As a result, the ancient game also has growing appeal to sports betting aficionados. If you are new to betting on golf, here are a few tips to help you get around the course with a much better than par score.

Tee Off Safely

In some countries, you can pop into a sports betting shop in any city, and bet on future matches, current tournaments or live games playing on a range of screens. You can likewise log on to online and mobile betting sites to place wagers on golfing contests.

Other states police gambling differently; some will allow betting shops but no online gaming, or vice-versa. Some outlaw both, so the first thing to address is the legal position in your current location. If you bet on golf online, be sure to stick to licensed and regulated sites with solid reputations.

Most will require a credit card number before you can create an account. It is best to avoid sites that demand a savings or cheque account number; they are more prone to fraud and phishing scams.

Putt All the Angles

Golf betting novices also need to know the different types of bets available. Outright or straight bets are the simplest: you are backing a player to win a tournament, at odds that the bookmaker is offering according to the golfer’s perceived chance of winning. The lower the return offered on your stake, the more your player can be considered a favourite.

Bets, at varying odds, are also offered on picking the Top 5, 10 or 20 in a tournament, on matchups between two or three players predicting how they will be placed at the finish, or on how the leader board will look after the first round.

You can place futures bets on tournaments that have not yet started or bet live on rounds currently being played. All kinds of props bets exist; you can win by predicting individual scores at various stages of a tournament, team performances on specific holes, tournament matchups between players in different teams, specific points differences or rare scores, and several other alternatives.

Check How Odds Lie

Many authors giving tips on golf betting advise creating accounts on several sports betting sites at the same time. Different online bookmakers can offer different odds on the same golf events, so if you are a member of several sites, you can log onto them all and click between tabs, swiftly comparing odds and getting the best returns on any winning bets.

Having multiple accounts also makes uninterrupted golf betting easier. If you are streaming a game in real time and making live props bets according to each hole played, you need an uninterrupted connection.

Sites are based all over the world, and any of them could go down for any number of reasons beyond their control. Having alternative options when a site crashes unexpectedly allows you to keep streaming and betting seamlessly.