So as the name of the game suggests this online slot machine game has 8 paylines. It’s considered to be a classic slot but resembles a mixture between a classic and a video slot with regards to its paylines. Lucky 8 Line has 3 reels indicative of a classic slot, with a total of 8 paylines unusual to classic but leaning more towards the average video style. The theme looks a good couple decades old with a gaming arcade feel to it.

This online slot machine game was developed by Net Entertainment and doesn’t offer any wild and scatter symbols or bonus features for that matter. The maximum payout is 8 000 coins which transforms into 1 600 cash with denominations either being US Dollars, Sterling Pounds, or Euros.

Lucky 8 Line Look and Feel

The look and feel is set back in what looks like the eighties era. The background is set in an eighties-styled lounge of sorts, with the reels displayed on the screen of a classic arcade game. The colour scheme includes a lot of greys, blues and green, all rather dull in appearance.

Any other colours are presented on the reels. The symbols follow suit with the eighties-styled theme and present themselves in the age-old symbols including the popular number 7 symbol, 3 bar symbol, the 2 bar symbol, the 1 bar symbol, the watermelon, the gold bell, the grape, an orange, and a cherry symbol. Each one of these symbols pays out differently according to the amount of matches displayed on the reels.

They’ve definitely hit the nail on the head with regards to the sound effects. If you can remember the old-school video/TV games and the average sounds that used to follow well that’s exactly what you can expect to hear when playing Lucky 8 Line.

How to Play Lucky 8 Line Slot

To get the reels in motion you’ll need to select your betting size, and whether or not you would like to play on one single payline or on multiple paylines. The buttons are clearly marked and easy to understand. There is an autoplay which will take your selected bet and play on your behalf until you stop that action and resume back to normal play mode.

There are only 3 reels that are played on in this game, and that means that with 8 paylines you’ll be able to create winning combinations from right left, top to bottom or diagonally. It might sound a bit more complicated than what it really is but all it means is that it’s easier to get a win.

The aim of the game is to match 3 of the same symbol across the reels. The number 7 symbol is the highest paying symbol and can payout up to 200 times if you get 3. The 3 bar symbols are the second highest paying symbol and payout up to 100 times for 3. All other symbols follow suit and can be viewed under the ‘pay table’ tab on the screen.

There is also a special payout table that if you end up with 7’s across all reels and rows you can win a maximum of 1000 times your bet. The other symbols also feature in the special payout table.