Sports bettors enjoy a wide range of choice when it comes to Boxing betting these days. If you’re new to this pastime, you may think that trying to guess the winner of the fight is where it begins and ends, but there are far more options open to you!

This means wagering on this sport is much more fun and it’s a lot easier to get your money back than you may think.

To-Win Stakes

By far the most popular Boxing bet, and the one almost everyone is aware of, is the To-Win wager, also sometimes referred to as the Moneyline stake. Here all you’ll need to do is choose who you think is going to win the bout, and if they do, you win.

When the Fight Ends Bets

Another popular option is trying to predict when you think the match is going to end. Knowing who will emerge victoriously is great, but are you aware of the fact that you can also see real money returns if you can figure out when the fight will go in?

A great thing about these wagers is that you don’t have to focus on which combatant will win. It doesn’t matter who comes out on top as long as the bout ends when you said it would!

Go the Distance Stakes

In Boxing, the distance refers to the full number of rounds in a match. Do you think the bout will go on for the prescribed number of rounds?

The Double Chance Bet

This wager mixes up the To-Win and Method of Victory stakes, with the former being who you think will win and the latter how they’ll do so. This is a version of the Go the Distance stake.

Over/Under Round Bets

With these, sports betting sites will choose a certain round, or even a particular point in a round, and let you choose if the fight will end before or after that.

Group Round Wagers

This stake is not always available, but it will generally be provided for on bigger fights and cards with a higher profile. It lets you choose a group of rounds that you think the fight is going to end in.

Specific Rounds Bets

As is the case with all kinds of sports wagers, the more specific you are, the more money you can expect to be paid out if you’re right. The Specific Round stake is a perfect example of this. You’ll see huge returns if you manage to correctly predict at which round exactly the fight will stop.

This bet is a very difficult one to pull off, and the rewards exactly match the risk you’re taking. So, if your knowledge about the fighters and Boxing, in general, makes you think you can pinpoint almost exactly when the winner will be announced, by all means, make this wager.

Something to remember, too, is that you can make this bet on multiple rounds within the fight. As long as you get at least one right, you’ll collect!