If you own an iPad, you will know just how useful they can be. From Shopping online to reading e-books, watching movies to playing online games, your iPad tablet is the perfect mobile entertainment device. In South Africa, you can find just about every entertainment and gaming app you can think of for your iPad. Continue Reading

In today’s modern technological world, almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet, and if you are an Apple technology fan, chances are you own an iPhone. For most people, their iPhone is more than just a cellular phone; it is a multifunctional digital tool that is capable of connecting you to all of your work Continue Reading

In South Africa, technology has evolved exponentially over the last ten years. The introduction of smartphones and mobile technology has meant that almost everyone has access to the internet and mobile entertainment. Today people are using their smartphones and tablets to replace their desktop computers and laptops. This means that people are using their mobile Continue Reading

In today’s technological society almost everyone has access to the internet. In South Africa, even the most basic smartphone has the ability to send emails, surf the net and play games online. With increasing digital technology, it seems more and more people are turning to the internet for their main source of entertainment. In days Continue Reading

If you are a fan of Apple products and technology, chances are you own an iPhone. As one of the world’s most popular smartphone devices, the iPhone is more than just a communication device. Packed the power of a miniature computer, your iPhone lets you interact with the digital world in ways you never thought Continue Reading

South Africa has a thriving online casino community and there are a number of top rated sites that all vie for your attention on a daily basis. One of the most enticing marketing strategies employed by online casinos is their bonuses, and these rewards are designed to reel players in and keep them coming back Continue Reading

Originally confined to quiet community centres or basements, Bingo is now renown the world over, and played online by many. Modern online Bingo is fast, action-packed, and full to the brim with opportunities to walk away with big wins. The best online Bingo has become no less social, however, with online Bingo rooms running all Continue Reading